Saturday, October 24, 2009



When everything fails me, I know my writings would be there. And now, my blog is my closest pal. It supports me when I limp, it offers me a sturdy shoulder if i want to cry, if I feel like throwing things in a fit of rage it stands steadfast in meek surrender till I cool down, it helps me dump all negatives in a waste bin and move ahead.My writings always give me a heady feeling, raising me to a high, almost as intense as a cathartic release. I feel so glad to be able to share my thoughts, my observations with all you guys now, thanks to my blog. My blog is what I do with my grief and with my laughter. I pour them into words, pamper them with similes and metaphors and then let them be here, to be able to merge with the universe, to be into the oneness of whole human kind.

Through my writings I trace a few private hidden spaces of a woman's mind, sometimes as a protagonist, sometimes as an observer. A journey that has begun through that dark tunnel of womb till the reality of pyre or soil, A journey that realizes that in this world of changes what ultimately remains is love in its kaleidoscopic shades and a poisonous creeper of desire, ... yet for every woman there is an effort to rise beyond the woman - shape and be buoyant and uncontainable.

My expressions and my ramblings are my continuous efforts to rise above the shackles of the mundane and be a real celestial so that I would be able to look at life with an objective dispassionate detachment ....

I could never distinguish between falling rain, the vast dome of a torn sky and loneliness ... or tell the difference between a placid lake and my reflection in it ... or understand the gap between my pain and my existence .... these confusions are inseparably portrayed through all my writings ...