About Me

About Me

I am Moon so I long for the sky! 
You will be mesmerized with my angelic halo n divine smile; but it would be a mistake on your part in case you don't pay attention to my devil's tail.:P 
I am a conventional woman with dreams a tad unconventional; my true Aquarius traits - my smile that refuses to end despite the real world, - the never ending dream in my eyes, - my peculiar imaginative mind that flies away in Alice's wonderland so easily even when m amongst a most serious meeting, - my odd melodramatic emotional way of reacting to situations, - my ability to shrug away the source of unhappiness with an insulting haste n ease, - my whimsical mood swings - my monstrous ego especially where my education and career is concerned, - my ability to love deep' n' true and above all - my immense pride for being the mom of my 13 yr old son ---- Yeah, that's all about Me! 

Brief Profile:
Dr Baishali Bhaumik Mitra

Activities that keep me occupied:              
 my creative writing; running after my son round the clock; gym ming; reading;day dreaming; indulging on lots of ice cream and moaning non stop about weight gain; biting my lips frantically often in utter frustration and bewilderment!

 Books, Music, Yummy food

Favorite Movies:     
Forrest Gump,  Citizen Kane,  Life is Beautiful, American Beauty,  Jaane Bhi Do Yaaron, Is Raat Ki Subah Nahin,  Hazaaron Khwaishein Aisi,  36 Chowrangi Lane,  My Best Friend's Wedding, Abohomaan, Paromitar akdin, Sound of music, Cast Away... and so many more ... 

 Music I love:           Music that would touch my heart ... or make me cry ... or help me croon ... or even make me tap my feet ...

  •  Books I prefer: