Saturday, January 21, 2017

This too is about pain

Coleridge, you fever bird
You sang out last night!

As I lay closing the day like a book
 groping for a bookmark named sleep,
you sang your grief.

 Why do you cry like one possessed?
It makes weird sounds against my window panes.
A moist breeze blows
I wiggle my toes,
rearrange my sheets for warmth,
my insomniac eyes long to watch your dream.
Every now and then, I tap my veins
to eavesdrop and hear the throbbing of my blood-flow
checking for a rift
through which a giant tree can grow
building a nest for your Albatross.
Your opium eyes sprout wings, beat on my breasts
 and I become a giant tree
building house for those lost dreams ,
comforting them to creep and climb my body.