Monday, September 20, 2010


Has the sun set already?
The sky has become a queer bluish – grey;
I have started staggering whenever I try to walk,
soon it would be pitch dark all around.
There have been words in the echo of the mountain,
but I can't fathom the connotation in-between anymore.
There have been songs in the trickling turbulent rivulet,
but, now, I fail to comprehend the rhythm and the hidden melody.
Life is full of fleeting moments captured in the mind
and a basket full of memoirs of efforts and endeavours.
Is it now impossible to wear that red little frock, again
and smile with a passion like a zingling falling rain?
Is it indeed not feasible to peep at the world
with innocence and curiosity all over again?
Will the breeze carry its secret whispers once again
so that I would be able to run in a carefree mirth
Just one more time?
Will I laugh, sing and dance again?
Will I run after the butterfly?

Everyone here is full of queries!
Who will answer my questions, then?

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Sound of silence ...

The day echoes of husk and harvest,
the sea whispers passion,
the hooting of mankind,
chirping, twittering birds,
the wind rushes in a rustle;
secret footfalls of autumn,

the buzzing bee and
chiming silence of the night,

the sonnet and the song of the sky,

jingles, moans, peals
of the universe,

green, humming tongue
of the dreaming forest,

the creaking machine
the zinging of the rainfall;

among all, I keep waiting!

I wait
to hear just one melody of sound;
your voice,
that one loving whisper,
the one caressing phrase!

a new sky...

I wish to perceive one more sky behind this,
vaster and more crystal clear,
a sapphire dome with soft cotton clouds,
with a breeze, innocent as it never will be,
with a light, like white sand, as it never was;
as if a heaven unfastened!

Under this new sky

I will come and merge with your silence;
a silence that is so remote and palpable.
I will fill that silence
with the echo of my being
and murmurs of my soul;

without speaking any language,
in this absolute quietude
we will be fused in each other…

Thursday, September 9, 2010


The day has dawned
like every other day
with its usual
dins and bustles of a
jumbled sleep-slugged city,
striving to un-entangle
its slumber cluttered limbs;
The sun rays,
like every other day
have tried to peep into
my bedroom, bending and twisting
through other sky-scrapers,
slanting its way in such a way
that it can put the famous gymnasts
to shame!
Like every other day, I try to
rouse my lazy veins,
desperately struggling to feel
a promising day-break, yet
my eyes fall onto the
farthest violet horizon;
I see, all over again,
the mammoth task of living
another day without you!
Without you, the hours are noiseless,

unvoiced, like a tensed wire,

about to snap off!

Yet I continue!
I must have lied when I said:
I can’t live without you!
For, I still go on,
my feet aching and numb
from the countless pace
with which I persist to walk,
faltering at times, yet continuing,
without you,
without love!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The plight of TRUST!

Trust is the most beaten up and
betrayed soul in this world.
It is often kicked and thrashed, 

pushed and slammed,
frayed and frazzled, torn and tattered
like a used worn out packing box.

I was told not to trust strangers;
I wasn’t supposed to trust friends;
everyone cautioned not to rely on relatives;

people joked that husbands are never to be trusted!

a meaty chunk of my life is lived,

learning not to have trust for anyone.

A nation doesn’t trust another,
the poor will not trust the rich and vice-versa,

a religion is weary of one more,

one sect has lack of trust for its other half,

a certain cult can never hold faith for the other!

Look at your neighbor with eyes full of suspicion

for you just never know!
Be careful of your relatives
because that is just being wise!
How could you even look at that stranded man

who asked for a lift?
Don’t you know how dangerous it is
to smile too much?
I know, he is your son but
today’s generation simply cant be trusted!

So what if he is your sibling,
be guarded while showing up your cards!

So now I stay all alone
among the four walls,

solitary, forlorn,

friendless and loveless
as I should never trust anyone!

Without trust I continue to walk
this vast journey,
clinging to the skirts of life,
with cobwebs of doubt in the mind

Yet I walk on.
Strange is this habit of being alive!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


When you come near me
I hear the temple bells ringing,
my senses expanding like a morning prayer.
When you love me
the Sun rises at a distant island,
where at a borderline the sea rises up
and kisses the sky.

your smile brings forth a vibrant dawn,
beginning the promises of day–break.
Witnessing your joy, to me,
is being
a devotee, at a pilgrimage of peace.
your touch,
is the melody of a genesis.

In this land of ruin
you are
the only meaning
that I hold.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Dance ..

A pirouette,
swirling and swishing,
cutting the wind,
anchored in the center,

twisting and twirling along

the rhythm of life;
taming the challenges of time,
winning every battle,

confronting and balancing through doubts and dilemmas,
weaving harmony with melody,
an epitome of power,
an affirmation of strength,
the spirit of joy and optimism;

a pirouette,
an essence of feminism!

end of a quest ....

In search of happiness I kept roaming a - while,
among the woods and along the rivers,
inside the ocean and beneath the mountains,

rummaging through the passionate breeze
peeping into the soothing curtain of rainfall.

I hopped among the cotton clouds,
and jumped over the moss meadows,

ran against the lunar tides and
crawled across the dream landscape,

sobbed sitting at the corner of a mountain road
and wept below the summer noon

in search of peace.

And then, suddenly, one fine morning,
my quest comes to an end with a realization from within
that I don’t need to search for it elsewhere, for
happiness lies in the smile on my lips,
on the tint on my cheek that glows;

peace is there in my mind where goodness stays,
also, in my heart that can love innocent, and prays.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Your Smile ...

A smile
from you make me
the whole world
fly, spiraling higher, in a steady flight
into the clouds and rainbows.

Your smile
liberates me
from the world’s
tussle and hassle.

I drink in every single drop of it,
that slip from your radiant soul.

When you smile
The sun rises at a far-away coast
spreading warmth and sparkle,
making me believe that there are
another sky, vaster, lurking behind.

For your one smile
I run miles to come to you,
my long journey coming to a final halt;
the vibration
pouring over my soul
like a fresh falling rain.

Your smile
engulfs me,

its echo resounding in the space
within and around me,

making me hide my face
in its velvet layers.

Your smile
tells me:
Lean on me, woman,

I will carry your burden.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Waiting ...

He waits
perpetually and forever,

for a renaissance of love and peace,
for an embrace,
where there wouldn’t be any verdict;

for a time,
when he wouldn’t be asked to prove.

Sitting at his secret corner, at the roof top,

among the mute antics of the bats,
walking along the crowd that frenzy past him,
getting drenched in a torrential downpour,
or sitting forlorn in his cluttered room;
while fighting a battle of words,
trying to establish or justify non stop,
or later, even while making love to his beloved,
he waits
eternally, always,
for one understanding,

for one precious moment
to lose himself in a hold, in a cuddle
of arms that are
opinion less,

judgment less.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Attitude ....

Give me a handful of freedom
so that I can be the delight of life.

Give me a handful of happiness

so that I can be grateful to nature.
Give me a handful of passion

so that I can have a purpose in life.

Give me just one hearty laughter

so that I can conquer the humankind.
Give me at least one song to be called as mine
so that I can restore a moment to be cherished.

Give me a handful of admiration
so that I can walk holding my head held high.

Give me a handful of faith

so that I can love you all over again.
Give me a handful of everything

so that I can have the abundance

to be myself!

And then,

I look into the mirror and
see a pair of eyes,
a bit apprehensive
yet bold and steady;

I straighten my shoulder,

tilt my chin,
hold my breath
to confront and accept

each and every layer
of truth and life.

At that juncture,
I know;
even if you don't give me anything
I will accumulate it myself, anyways!
I will live life with fervor, anyways!
I will be myself, anyways!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Escape ...

I wish to escape, now,
silently, tiptoeing away
from this dins and bustles,
hooting and hustles,
from the cataract minds,
without leaving

any echo of my footfalls,

without letting you know

the whisper of my breath;
holding the relics of my hopes, clutching the silhouette of my last lingering dreams and
embracing a few stolen memories,
now I wish to go away and hide
into the violet skyline

where I can keep my head

on the tousled monsoon clouds
sleep peacefully.

Ghost ...

I did not use to believe in ghosts or spirits.
But since past few days,
whenever I look into the mirror
I get convinced more and more,
staring into those
dark eerie pair of eyes of a stranger,
that someone named Pain has
entered my body and captured my soul.
She has made my skin colorless,
lips parched, forehead wrinkled
and limbs chapped and cracked.
The scab of my soul is peeled apart,
separating me from my shadow.
Pain has gnawed into my heart
and clawed my breath
like an alien apparition.
She keeps whispering from within me,
paralyzing my strength,
destroying my will;
she tells me now:
I will give you freedom,
Come, let’s commit suicide.

A lovestory ..

He composed a song
of aching love,
whispered his music
into her ears,
sang the melody

of his heartbeats,

and hummed the rhythm

of pulse throb to her.
She listened in earnest;

every chord of his longing,
every beat of his pain.
She let everything
get poured

into her heart,
droplet by droplet.
At that moment,

when the falling rain

kissed the sea
at a distant shore,
Love was born

waking two souls,
hope was created
in a barren desert land.

what they didn't notice
was the sudden breeze whipping past,
trying to caution them, about the
mammoth task of helping Love
to grow,
as Love is the only permanence
that changes every moment or so.