Thursday, September 9, 2010


The day has dawned
like every other day
with its usual
dins and bustles of a
jumbled sleep-slugged city,
striving to un-entangle
its slumber cluttered limbs;
The sun rays,
like every other day
have tried to peep into
my bedroom, bending and twisting
through other sky-scrapers,
slanting its way in such a way
that it can put the famous gymnasts
to shame!
Like every other day, I try to
rouse my lazy veins,
desperately struggling to feel
a promising day-break, yet
my eyes fall onto the
farthest violet horizon;
I see, all over again,
the mammoth task of living
another day without you!
Without you, the hours are noiseless,

unvoiced, like a tensed wire,

about to snap off!

Yet I continue!
I must have lied when I said:
I can’t live without you!
For, I still go on,
my feet aching and numb
from the countless pace
with which I persist to walk,
faltering at times, yet continuing,
without you,
without love!

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