Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The plight of TRUST!

Trust is the most beaten up and
betrayed soul in this world.
It is often kicked and thrashed, 

pushed and slammed,
frayed and frazzled, torn and tattered
like a used worn out packing box.

I was told not to trust strangers;
I wasn’t supposed to trust friends;
everyone cautioned not to rely on relatives;

people joked that husbands are never to be trusted!

a meaty chunk of my life is lived,

learning not to have trust for anyone.

A nation doesn’t trust another,
the poor will not trust the rich and vice-versa,

a religion is weary of one more,

one sect has lack of trust for its other half,

a certain cult can never hold faith for the other!

Look at your neighbor with eyes full of suspicion

for you just never know!
Be careful of your relatives
because that is just being wise!
How could you even look at that stranded man

who asked for a lift?
Don’t you know how dangerous it is
to smile too much?
I know, he is your son but
today’s generation simply cant be trusted!

So what if he is your sibling,
be guarded while showing up your cards!

So now I stay all alone
among the four walls,

solitary, forlorn,

friendless and loveless
as I should never trust anyone!

Without trust I continue to walk
this vast journey,
clinging to the skirts of life,
with cobwebs of doubt in the mind

Yet I walk on.
Strange is this habit of being alive!


bhaskar said...

A great write,,, and so true !!

Arun the Rising Sun said...

i can come any where to say "hi" ....... how r u

Celestial Dreamz said...

Dear Bhaskar thank you so much. you are an inspiration, anytime and every time.

@ Arun of course you can and I am sorry. but I am sure you will understand.

Jingle said...

hard topic, beautifully delivered message..


Jingle said...

Potluck Week 17 Treat/Awards 4 You, Enjoy!

Happy Thursday.