Monday, September 20, 2010


Has the sun set already?
The sky has become a queer bluish – grey;
I have started staggering whenever I try to walk,
soon it would be pitch dark all around.
There have been words in the echo of the mountain,
but I can't fathom the connotation in-between anymore.
There have been songs in the trickling turbulent rivulet,
but, now, I fail to comprehend the rhythm and the hidden melody.
Life is full of fleeting moments captured in the mind
and a basket full of memoirs of efforts and endeavours.
Is it now impossible to wear that red little frock, again
and smile with a passion like a zingling falling rain?
Is it indeed not feasible to peep at the world
with innocence and curiosity all over again?
Will the breeze carry its secret whispers once again
so that I would be able to run in a carefree mirth
Just one more time?
Will I laugh, sing and dance again?
Will I run after the butterfly?

Everyone here is full of queries!
Who will answer my questions, then?


invincible said...

i can relate with this poem so much moon...!while reading brings back some beautiful memories of yesteryears..which i can still smell and sense in my moments of solitude....i treasure them deep in my heart secretly...i crave,i long with a faint and impossible hope...if i can bring back those days of innocence and happiness just one more time.....!?

beautiful piece of for u:)

Celestial Dreamz said...

Oh Babui .... yeah I know you will be able to feel ... you will be able to relate ... just want to say - thank you so much for being my friend. Sending loads of love for you too dearest.