Friday, October 1, 2010

unfinished tale ...

I wanted to weave a fairy tale
capturing thousand dreams
in a few fleeting fragile moments.
But I made a mistake of knitting
my own need into it;
a need like a dark bottomless pit
and I lost my ways inside.
Unconsciously, I tried to fasten
my own desire within, too,
piece by piece, creating a patchwork,
without knowing that the knots and tangles
would keep jutting out
and I faltered and staggered being caught
into those snarling jeering protrusions.
Now, the story is just a few torn strips,

nameless and faceless,
without a beginning and devoid of an end.

Will you come and help me

gather all the lose contours?
who's an old longing
that still runs deep in my chore;
a thwarted desire
that is the genesis of my grief;
an aching need
that flows along my crying arms!
Since how many decades

have I been waiting for you?
I wish to collect a drop of your voice
and a speck of your laughter,
the depth of your magnetic eyes
and that tiny grove of your dimple;
I would collect all of you in my palm
and pour them into my fairy tale.
Only then would the numb ends

of my tale be enlivened,
Only then life would be breathed into my story
that was locked under a sombre silence for years now.
That unfinished story is still drifting in my breath.
Will you take it in your arms,
clasp it to your bosom
and kiss it alive?
I am waiting .....
I will keep waiting ....
till you come!

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