Tuesday, July 23, 2013

living ...

 Parsley, spinach, celery or lettuce;
get those green leafy ones;
they are good for health.
If you can’t buy, just pluck them
 from here and there.
Soak for a while in hot water
drain and dry
and you would be able to smell the
apple-green freshness.
Tear off the part that disturbs.
Sit gingerly,
 segregate the good and the rotten ones
with deft fingers dancing in a mysterious grace.
Snip off the blackened part
Split the spoilt edge
Slash away the bitter stem
And slit the thickened chunk.
Just a dash of salt n pepper
and sprinkling of sauce n oil;
Celebrate the union
and it’s magnetism in a bowl.
Eat them with rice or bread
Or even raw if you fancy.
Or else, feed them to a cow;
it will bring a li'l change
in the whisper of a breath,
in the echo of a smile
take a chance and just see.

Find a place in the soil and plant your destiny.
Water it with your own hands and
let a creeper of hope grow.
Pluck and fold the dreams neatly
clean it
clear it
and keep them fresh.
Find the corner under its shade and
 scream if the pain does not heal, and then
dump the rotten part
drown the noisy drum
straighten the uneasy bend
smoothen the roughened bounce.
Remember to eat well your leafy green vegetables.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

My predestined lover ...

 I could only see the jaded green frame of the window.
Dust has settled along the pane.
Once upon a time, there used to be a face of a beautiful woman
whose eyes were hungry with hopes of tomorrow.
But now
There is a strange eerie silence in the darkness behind.
And then, suddenly, on that day as I looked up,
hoping to see the same uncanny blackness,
 I saw Death; his shadow
perched on the windowsill.
Death had dropped in for a chat, on that day.
He wore the same rugged look and
 was dangerously handsome with his locks
 that were as tangled as my existence.
When I told him that he is Emily’s lover and
it would be a sin for me to come close to him
He laughed in his usual baritone voice
 that was irresistible and
 I found a thrill in this adultery!

He wanted to know, why I keep resisting him.
Why I fight the battle that eventually would be lost?
He smiled, and I knew at that moment
he would come to meet me now and then
till I surrender. And eventually we would be together
and it is going to be an insane love affair.
Death, my predestined lover,
I knew at that instant
 I would throw away morality and caution like shabby old clothes
 to live those dizzying moments with you.
Clasping concern with one hand
gagging conscience with the other
I will come to your arms with a readiness of a rain drop
that rushes to kiss the Earth.
Till then let me breathe the splendour of an airborne acrobat.
Till then let me kiss the roasted golden Sun. 
Let me whirl and pirouette in a tango
with my brittle thoughts and unborn hope.
Let me be the lover of rain and bear him a child.
Till then let me try remaking life
with swatches of stolen memories.