Thursday, July 18, 2013

My predestined lover ...

 I could only see the jaded green frame of the window.
Dust has settled along the pane.
Once upon a time, there used to be a face of a beautiful woman
whose eyes were hungry with hopes of tomorrow.
But now
There is a strange eerie silence in the darkness behind.
And then, suddenly, on that day as I looked up,
hoping to see the same uncanny blackness,
 I saw Death; his shadow
perched on the windowsill.
Death had dropped in for a chat, on that day.
He wore the same rugged look and
 was dangerously handsome with his locks
 that were as tangled as my existence.
When I told him that he is Emily’s lover and
it would be a sin for me to come close to him
He laughed in his usual baritone voice
 that was irresistible and
 I found a thrill in this adultery!

He wanted to know, why I keep resisting him.
Why I fight the battle that eventually would be lost?
He smiled, and I knew at that moment
he would come to meet me now and then
till I surrender. And eventually we would be together
and it is going to be an insane love affair.
Death, my predestined lover,
I knew at that instant
 I would throw away morality and caution like shabby old clothes
 to live those dizzying moments with you.
Clasping concern with one hand
gagging conscience with the other
I will come to your arms with a readiness of a rain drop
that rushes to kiss the Earth.
Till then let me breathe the splendour of an airborne acrobat.
Till then let me kiss the roasted golden Sun. 
Let me whirl and pirouette in a tango
with my brittle thoughts and unborn hope.
Let me be the lover of rain and bear him a child.
Till then let me try remaking life
with swatches of stolen memories.



Vandana Sharma said...

One thing is for sure , death can never ditch us. Nice expression:)

The Unknowngnome said...

Yum, yum, yum! I devoured this several times, it's so good. Just perfect in its adulterous blackness and unborn hope.

May my predestined lover when she comes come soft as rain.

Celestial Dreamz said...

OMG, TUG you are here after such a long time! I was beginning to wonder ... and I think you hate all those passionate confessional love poems that I write ... hehe :-P

Gina Gao said...

This is great! I enjoyed reading this so much.

Ygraine said...

This captures so eloquently the allure of forbidden love...I eagerly devoured every word of this awesome poem!
I guess most of us will stray into this dark territory at some time in our lives, and will find ourselves face-to-face with death's allure.
So irresistible.
Very well done!:)

Anonymous said...

The Power of Death does its duty in Pristine Dimensions, its not adulterous ,even poetically or spiritually..

Its "Love" and "Viciousness" may be seemingly overpowering to beings .

The Power of Death has just its duty to lead a Particle of Consciousness out of a Material Entanglement

either into The Ingress of "The Meta-Cosmic Land" or simply lead one to the Ingress of in the Antagonistic direction of the Former.

Death thus becomes an Orderly in The Hands of The Infinite-Intelligence , The Sovereign Cause of Life,Death and Eternity ..


Death , whether she is a beautiful woman or a handsome man or any Angel , Death is just an Usher and Ingress to Eternity of Time and Space :)

Fear or Love of Death does not alter its duty..Welcome Death and its Pangs , as and when it comes its always around as the Shadow to Life..

so beings,

"Be of good cheer and Live an Abundant Life, here and after .."

*the poem was a nice read

Celestial Dreamz said...

Mr Anonymous ... thanks for the comment ... well I am sure each one of us knows the inevitability of Death ... nothing new in that ... the poem is an expression of a particular moment and the thoughts it bore ... the "adulterous" word is connected with " Emily" ... and the reference here is Emily Dickinson's famous poems attributed to Death and how in one of them she thought of Death as her bridegroom. ... :-) ... and you know, I kinda like your "I know it all - righteous tone" ... :-)

ashok said...

well written!

The Unknowngnome said...

Dear Moon, it was your confessional poems that started me reading and they continue to feed me. The last several months have had me focused on health issues but getting back into things now.

Celestial Dreamz said...

Oh TUG I know that ... I was just kidding, dear ... we are glad that you are fine and back with us ... keep being with us always man ... God bless you.

Rose said...

Wow Moon!This is superb writing - I think that by ending this poem as you did with... Till then let me try remaking life with swatches of stolen memories... is absolutely brilliant! This is one of my absolute favourites :) xxx

Anonymous said...

O Death ..Where is Thy Sting ? O Grave where is thy Victory ? Usher that you are for The Eternity that awaits.. .

Death ...The Agent of The Lord ...