Sunday, March 31, 2013

untitled ...

One day
a bird named fear
flapped its wings and sat on your shoulder
whispering sweet nothings  into your ear.
When you closed your eyes in pleasure
It hooted and entered your head.
It furled its feathers and made a nest there.
Since then you hear the beating of its wings
inside your skull.
You see its jet black rapid eyes wherever you look.
Now, you smell the bird even before it appears.
In the night, lying beside your man
feeling his body against yours
you wonder whether you belong,
 a place
as uncertain as your unborn child!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

waiting ...


How long are you going to wait for him?
The night has fallen. Go home, woman!
There might be a storm.
The dust on the street is swirling
with the stray paper and plastic bags,
night has consumed the signboards, windows;
buses, scooters, flashes have turned around the culvert
and now there’s only a left over sound.
The insomniac night is seeping into the breath of the trees,
the insomniac night is licking the roof,
there’s a strange restlessness in nearby skyscrapers,
night is swallowing the shadows.
Go home woman
 wait for the man, no more.
Go and see
The day that you had left behind
fell asleep waiting for you.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

a few remedies ...

If you feel lonely
read a book
or watch an ant,
stand at the balcony
and observe
millions of same story
in different clothes,
you can even think of that person
whom you carry in your brain
like a nagging dripping rain,
listen to the footfall of the day
that had already receded; or
stare at your sorrow.
Your sorrow is a tree that was pulled out
but whose roots had spread all across,
your sorrow is an old photo on the wall
that was removed long ago
but the square imprint remained,
Your sadness is a blood red hibiscus
with a red bud and a red corpse.

And then, suddenly, ... perhaps ...
in the smell of a dovetail autumn wind
or in between your shadow and the soul
you may find peace.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Relation ...

Written for

I am afraid of your scientific mind;
I am frightened
that if you give me finite answers
there would be no space
for hope
for daydreaming
for yearning
for longing
for my search of myself
in you ...
So let it be vague,
like eternity
like an ocean; 
Do not try to find the imprints

of moments

of memories;

Let it be the whisper of the waves

amidst all other noise!


Sunday, March 10, 2013

Rain ...

You stayed inside the house
guarding your peace.
But I had nothing to lose
So I came into the rain
and danced to the end of its alley. 
I didn’t know earlier
that you could have wings
and that I can fly with you! 
cover my agonizing veins,
whisper me your secrets,
I will collect your words in my palm,
tell me that I am the lover you dreamt of!
Let me touch your toes
and play with your tendrils.
Tell me you have come to lick my sores.
Caress my insomniac moan with your fingertips,
go round around me,
run after me,
settle in me.
Let me bear you a child.

I will surrender only to the Rain....

... ...

Beloved moments
Please stay;
I am frightened.
What if you aren’t true?
Stay with me,
keep touching,
take my hand and be close.
I am afraid.
Hold me
the way 
near ones hold the dead at a cemetery.

I fear
this moment also might be
like those endless yesteryears
like the uncertain timeless future!


Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Envy ...

Envy - the illogical emotion ... 
written for -

I swallowed down 

the jaded green colored envy 

that was tossed from under my door

like a love letter, 

and I wondered what’s so green about it!

A dark dismal disturbing jealousy

screamed out from a

 bleeding red and orange flame of pain 

and I struggled to simmer it down

swallow it down

grin it down …

if only I could have forgotten you,

and if only love hadn't been a  fragile origami dragonfly,

I would have heard the sober olive green whispers  

I would have heard the enchanting secret of the magnificent forest green!

If only …