Sunday, December 30, 2012

Wait …. Wait ….

Re read my lines …;

Before you read

feel the space in between...

they are filled with the depth of a river…

Let your eyes listen to those prayers

that reverberates with the birth of each word.

Close your eyes and repeat after me …

Begin slowly …  

And then let me know

if you have liked it …

What do I do with so much love?
They are of no use in my everyday life.
Sometimes, I use them in poetry
for it leaps, I don’t know from where!
Or at times, I bury it below the Gulmohar tree
And keep expecting burgundy red flowers…
My pitiful waiting!


This beautiful painting was the inspiration for these lines ... I actually wanted to write a happy note, especially as it is a new year ... but it just came like this ...

She does not have a sorrow;
If she had, she would have dipped her pen
in its velvety darkness and
... written those saddest lines, tonight.

Tears were not there a few years ago,
tears were not there yesterday,
even now they are not there.
Those tears, they just wouldn’t go away!

..... Baishali
(inspiration - poet Hughes Mearns)