Thursday, November 14, 2013

Surpanakha's soliloquy

My much-loved friend,
my most despised friend! 

We loved the same man
rightfully yours and
oh so wrongly mine!
It's a chance that you stood
behind the protected zone of
the lakshman rekha and I
on the neglected other!
But you became the Goddess
and I the whore!

Your unwavering love
became his support
and my unconditional one
his deepest secret!
My dearest friend,
my most despised friend,
I weep for both of us.
Your silent scream matches mine
my darling sister
my most hated sister
we are each other’s hidden secrets
we are each other’s secret pain.
I cry for both of us
for the life that gradually drips away
from your fingers
and the illusory one that I struggle
to hold in my palm,
we the beloved and the betrayed
you the Goddess and
I the whore
we are the She;
day dawns the same for you and me.