Sunday, February 23, 2014

When nobody else is home, hold my hand …

When nobody else is home, hold my hand …                                   
 And it all started that way
in secret
inside the dark
when no one was around
when no one could see.
Those beautiful promises,
that deep ‘forever’ tone
all, away from the world’s eye
and no one should know.
A rare bond of love,
Strong as the morning Sunrise
but to be hidden as a nasty family secret;
A relation vibrant as rainbow
but like those kitchen cockroaches
that hide in every nook and corner of the drawer and the drain
and scurry out powerfully in the darkness of the night.

We collected each other’s shoulders, knees, palms, eyelashes;
In those fleeting moments
we collected them and tried to build an orchid
in which we tried to grow in,
molding each other, like an ivy wrapping
but there was no Sun-ray, it was already the dusk; 
 so, we could never fit in like that unsolved jigsaw .

 And people say love is beautiful. It is divine. It's the truth!


Saturday, February 8, 2014

Moon ...

Full moon,
At lonely night
When autumn cry
I will climb up to you
To kiss
Or not kiss
May be just to hold
Or laugh by
Or listen you talk
And then at a deep summer night
I am searching for you again
While crossing the field
I will stop by
A while
Looking for you
Across the way
Round the next corner
Between the mind and the voice
You remain
Minutes of moments come and gone
But the dream is forever the way it was!