Monday, October 24, 2011

soil... oldtrunk/

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Meditation ...

Today, at last, I decide to  seek my soul.

It has been hanging from the parapet,
a little below the Banyan tree
for long, now.

it appears perfect
as there is an uncanny silence all around;
no rustling leaves
no whistling breeze
not even any distant chirping bird;
as if the universe waits in an animal quietude
before its birth from time's womb.

If only there hadn't been
 this rushing gushing noisy stream of thoughts
that keep flowing loud and vigorous
from my mind!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

misguided ...

On a lazy noon when there is no riddle and no test
Satan decides to indulge in siesta and it is a much needed rest.

Apathy, terror and hate among mankind has grown dense
his revenge is complete, now there's nothing to worry or tense.

With increasing rate men are vomiting filth on Earth's bed
God seems helpless and humanity is almost dead.

Then comes Satan's follower with fear and much apprehension
rushing and faltering, his forehead beaded with perspiration.

Something terrible has happened on Earth, says he
a man is said to have found the ultimate truth and peace, you see!

Up rises Satan, hails colleagues with a cheerful greeting
in sincere faith he calls for an urgent meeting.

Followers gather in swarms, doubt has sabotaged their calm
surprise on each face, questioning how the leader appears to have no qualm!

Then speaks the lord of serpents, his thunder voice trembling in vibration
"not to fear" says he, "for, that man, now, would create his own separate religion.

In his struggle to establish his personal cult and clan for the youth
he will successfully drive away all, even farther from the supreme Truth.

Hence, we can rest assured and be at ease
as mankind will remain misguided, their conflict will not cease".