Monday, October 25, 2010

I do not want to explore those corners!

I wish to travel the path reverse to nostalgia; 
I am taking medicines not to remember,
amnesia appears to be a welcome stage, now!
My mind is craving for silence, because
everything speaks but they speak only about you.
It’s strange how even fond loving memories
can become ruthless killers!
I run away from my thoughts 
in a frantic blind hurry.
There are corners in the mind
that accumulated small kisses
and warm caresses; a sudden tight hug
and certain passionate depth of eyes; also
a dream and certain wishes.
For safety,
I let small dustballs and cobwebs gather on them,
tiptoeing away from around a distance,
carefully not stepping onto those corners and curves.
I do not want to explore those familiar areas anymore,
It’s as if my life and I have parted ways!

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