Thursday, October 7, 2010

Mine ....

Carnivorous love! :P

You are going to be all mine!
I wish to imprison you in my soul,
keep you fettered and never let go.
I want to sting you, hurt you
so that you bear me all over.
I will smear your skin,
imprint myself,
and stamp the moments of mine on you;
I will crush your being and squeeze your essence
within me.
I will keep you caged in my heart
and molest your freedom.
I would maintain you in a temple
where only I can worship.
I will make you my God
whom only I can pay homage to.
My love for you is a roaring fire
running ferocious in my veins.
The thoght of possessing you
keep numbing my mind, drop by drop.
Knitted into my every fibre
igniting an all consuming flame
is an urge to feast upon your love
so that I can live.
I want to bite a morsel off you and swallow
so that I be you.
I would sear your flesh,
pollute you,
scar you,
corrupt you,
infect you
so that no one would want you ever again;
no one would dare to have you;
and you would be all mine and only mine!
and that alone can be my redemption.

Note: The above poem is not about love but a depiction of possessiveness which is almost an obsession, a sickness; with reference to a real life situation. Do take it in the garb of humor.


The Unknowngnome said...

Pure fire, pure desire! Oh, to be so imprisoned!

I found your site through Poets Who Blog and I am happy that I have. Your poems are indeed moonlight and dreams.

Celestial Dreamz said...

thank you so much for the read, The Unknowngnome.

Brian Miller said...

well this is either intense love or obsession...smiles. i do rather like the thought of being ruined for any other. and great use of concepts that usually dont go with love...

Padmavani said...

Well done with the obsession angle.Half way done I regretted I had forgotten my pepper spray. Scary Scary...:)

"I will smear your skin." I love this line irrespective of what this poem is about.

Happy Valentines Day Baishali :)

Kim Nelson said...

WOW!This was a compelling read, and actually brought to mind the lover of a dear friend of mine. It took years for her to see the danger. Well done!

Celestial Dreamz said...

haha thanks guys ... it indeed was a gibe for a certain possessiveness i came across ... thanks for the read. :)