Wednesday, September 1, 2010

A lovestory ..

He composed a song
of aching love,
whispered his music
into her ears,
sang the melody

of his heartbeats,

and hummed the rhythm

of pulse throb to her.
She listened in earnest;

every chord of his longing,
every beat of his pain.
She let everything
get poured

into her heart,
droplet by droplet.
At that moment,

when the falling rain

kissed the sea
at a distant shore,
Love was born

waking two souls,
hope was created
in a barren desert land.

what they didn't notice
was the sudden breeze whipping past,
trying to caution them, about the
mammoth task of helping Love
to grow,
as Love is the only permanence
that changes every moment or so.

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Hilario Esteban Lopez said...

great poems, i really enjoyed