Saturday, September 11, 2010

Sound of silence ...

The day echoes of husk and harvest,
the sea whispers passion,
the hooting of mankind,
chirping, twittering birds,
the wind rushes in a rustle;
secret footfalls of autumn,

the buzzing bee and
chiming silence of the night,

the sonnet and the song of the sky,

jingles, moans, peals
of the universe,

green, humming tongue
of the dreaming forest,

the creaking machine
the zinging of the rainfall;

among all, I keep waiting!

I wait
to hear just one melody of sound;
your voice,
that one loving whisper,
the one caressing phrase!


bhaskar said...

The sensitivity , the awareness, the longing... very well expressed . A very beautiful write madame .

Celestial Dreamz said...

thank you so much my dearest Bhaskar :)