Sunday, September 5, 2010

Your Smile ...

A smile
from you make me
the whole world
fly, spiraling higher, in a steady flight
into the clouds and rainbows.

Your smile
liberates me
from the world’s
tussle and hassle.

I drink in every single drop of it,
that slip from your radiant soul.

When you smile
The sun rises at a far-away coast
spreading warmth and sparkle,
making me believe that there are
another sky, vaster, lurking behind.

For your one smile
I run miles to come to you,
my long journey coming to a final halt;
the vibration
pouring over my soul
like a fresh falling rain.

Your smile
engulfs me,

its echo resounding in the space
within and around me,

making me hide my face
in its velvet layers.

Your smile
tells me:
Lean on me, woman,

I will carry your burden.

1 comment:

Hilario Esteban Lopez said...

so deep poem , very nice