Monday, September 6, 2010

end of a quest ....

In search of happiness I kept roaming a - while,
among the woods and along the rivers,
inside the ocean and beneath the mountains,

rummaging through the passionate breeze
peeping into the soothing curtain of rainfall.

I hopped among the cotton clouds,
and jumped over the moss meadows,

ran against the lunar tides and
crawled across the dream landscape,

sobbed sitting at the corner of a mountain road
and wept below the summer noon

in search of peace.

And then, suddenly, one fine morning,
my quest comes to an end with a realization from within
that I don’t need to search for it elsewhere, for
happiness lies in the smile on my lips,
on the tint on my cheek that glows;

peace is there in my mind where goodness stays,
also, in my heart that can love innocent, and prays.


bhaskar said...

A great inspirational write!! Hope we can all follow it,especially during those time of sadness and true..what we search for, lies in each of us. It HAS to!! An age old thought beautifully expressed madame...kudos.

Celestial Dreamz said...

thanks Bhaskar :)