Monday, August 30, 2010

A Pity ...

When the fresh morning dew drops shine on the moist moss-green leaves,

you open your eyes like a saint's prayer and at that moment, you wish

to push away the lose tendril from my forehead,hold my face in your palm

and plant a morning kiss.

you want me to sit beside you sipping my early cup of tea as you would

browse through the news paper.

I know, you fancy seeing me moving like a vibrant butterfly, doing my chores,

as you would watch the television, leisurely.

You want me to open the door and smile when you come home, at end of the day,

fatigued, keeping up with the pace of the world.

But I sit here, at a far away distance, heaving sighs of romance and writing love notes for you;

when you long to be with me, all I could do is pledging eternal love, through my verses;

as you get more and more tired, caught up in an endless wait, craving for a change in permanence,

a long time ago, or this morning, as I sit in silence, trying to hold onto you,

all I could do is write an epic, talking about an undying abstract love,

a promise of a theoretical, intangible bonding.

a pity, indeed!


bhaskar said...

Wow madam.. thats called poetry in motion!! Loved reading.

Gopal Roa said...

Stupendous and marvelous. The lines are so scintillating and arresting and that every word testifies an imagery pregnant with loaded meaning. I wish you could transcend from the barriers of abstraction to affirming concreteness. The words which strike the keynote of the poem are sighs of romance , pledging eternal love intangible bonding; these are the symbols of that infinity in love which underlines the human ebb and flow.

Good Show . Keep it up.
Prof. B. Gopal Rao

Celestial Dreamz said...

1. Bhaskar, I am touched! :)

2. Thank you very much, Sir. :)