Sunday, August 29, 2010

A love, far beyond and much deeper ....

When I am away from you
I remember …
those moments
that fall like an enormous rain,
unstoppable, flooding my thoughts.
I have met you when my soul
leaned on,
as light on a floor,
where the sky and sea were tilted.

My days, now, are dressed in white,

a color that speaks of innocence
a woman’s sorrow;
now, my days speak
but they speak only about you.
The miles that are stretched between us
resonate the rhythm of my sitar
sing the songs of love;
My poetry, and those meanings
re-lives the moment of our first kiss,
that split second,
when I have lost my ways
in the depth of your ocean eyes.
When I hold you in my arms

I hold everything, the universe and time.

Your eyes convey the absolute meaning of life,
your smile signify the fresh morning’s temple bells.
we are one soul, one being,
beyond and above this endless waiting;
in a way
that is
much more tangible
this fondly crafted love note!


Anonymous said...

Dear Baishali

Very touching and heartfelt, also coudnt help but comment on the totality of your writes, complete with the choice of visuals and the overall execution. Do you have any publication? If yes, can you please give me the requisit info and where is it available? Thks n regards
Anusuaya Sensharma

Celestial Dreamz said...
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