Thursday, August 5, 2010

Negativities .....

Doubt, fear,
are like cockroaches.
The moment you open the lid,

they will scurry and scamper out
into the open like some long-hidden
filthy secrets.

They have the same
scaly flaking
with a shrunken
withered skin,
as they remain
hidden in the layers
of the mind
for ages.
When you are cautious
and controlled,

they hide
yet will linger
in every nook and corner
and browse each
cranny and crevice
of the mind, waiting,
moving their
antennae whisk stealthily.

And the moment
you are weary
or rest your guard,
those negativities,
they will scuttle out
from every hidden space,
and each concealed crack,
like nasty smelly
and dark
squirming, multiplying

invading your mind;
bringing forth death,
without the trouble of burial.

1 comment:

Kim Nelson said...

So true. Fortunately the positives are always there for counterbalance.