Monday, August 16, 2010

Efforts ....

one more day has passed by,

noiselessly, wordlessly,
without any incident,
dragging its usual chores
in a monotonous effort
staring aimlessly at life
that walks exhausted and
with a droning sound.

another colossal night has come,

A huge monstrous darkness
pressing against,

counting of those endless hours,
those incessant ticking
of the table clock

tearing apart the silence
that feels as cold as death,
and those ceaseless efforts
to stitch one piece to the other,
to knit one corner with another,
to fit the blocks of the puzzle
in vain.


bhaskar said...

nice write...

suneeti said...

Life is not a protracted period of pessimism. Your unabated poetic outpouring of melancholy makes me wonder – there could a point at which even parallel lines meet out of sheer exhaustion. Cheer up and chill out… There is always a sun in blazing magnum. He is bound to hurl its red shafts of rosy future and sheer happiness through the sparse leaves of negativism. Therefore, assume the stance of resplendent joy to dodge the blues out of your precious life. Prof.B.Gopal Rao.

Celestial Dreamz said...

Dear Sir
this is my privilege to receive comments from an internationally reputed intellectual personality like you. I extend my heartfelt gratitude. Whatever little knowledge I have gathered regarding English Lit and Lang is because of you. But I would appreciate if the comments are more inclined towards my poetic expressions than my thought process behind!

Celestial Dreamz said...

Bhaskar thank you.

Anonymous said...

Dear Baishali

As a woman i could relate to the musings very much , apart from the expressions which you so wonderfully weave anyway!!You know, we are multi taskers, work ,family and the likes..somewhere in it all we lose the very freedom which is our essence.At least i feel it so,so wanted to share. Bdw, you are very good in your writes. Feel proud sis :)


Celestial Dreamz said...

Dear Anusuya, I am so grateful to you for your patience for the read and kind comments ... :)