Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Cooking ...

uploading for jingle poetry potluck - if I take 'food' in its immediate literal sense then I am reminded of my never ending endeavors in my kitchen.

The splitter splutter of cumin, mustard,

spilled butter with fenugreek and fennel,

an amazing vista of red hot chicken, clustered;

like the promise of a new poem brewing

like the rhythmic swirl and sway of dancing!

Broccoli and cabbage hopping with corn flour,

creamy onion paste crooning in the middle,

a milky white curd mix, the right one to devour;

charming smells of ginger and olive oil

creating a mellow hue, just a bit if you toil.

The slicing, chopping; the clicking and clanking,

turmeric, chilly whispering promise in a ladle,

a bubbly batter steaming and simmering;

the gentle stir and the spongy whip

soft seasoning with salty dash and a floury dip.

A whole new world of spiraling, coiling dreams and desire,

spreading an aroma making me the queen of my magical empire.


bhaskar said...

Yummy write...but wait a minute !!

The proof of the pudding( in this case the food on display) is in the eating .

Also, were you cooking? The description read like some war zone..slice chop click clan snap pop... oh !! what a messy kitchen madame!!

Happy stirring :)

Celestial Dreamz said...

haha you bet! My new found glory in cooking indeed has made me turn my kitchen into a battle field! :P .... welcome home sometime to have a taste of it! thanks for your patience to read through Bhask .. :)

Anonymous said...

haha (laughing at bhaskar's comment) it all sounds very yummy though.

Jingle said...

busy food preparing and enjoying..

love the imagery,
perfect treat.


bendedspoon said...

wow wow! If I enjoyed the activities in the kitchen what more the chewing? love it :)

Anonymous said...

indian food is one of my favourite haha! here's my potluck..

Joann said...

Just what are you cooking? I'll bet it's hot and spicy,... and more than I can handle. Makes a great poem, though! Enjoyed your culinary and poetic prowess.

Kavita said...

Ooohh... that sounds most delicious and inviting, Dr. B!! I loved how you made the analogy between poems and cooking.. awesome!! :)

Cheers to your (and my) culinary experiments, girl.. may they all be a success!! :) already getting a whiff of those aromas here... :))