Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Self - esteem .....

Creeping, crawling, clumsy, caterpillar,
do never be sad or aching.
Let the world find you repulsive or revolting,
soon they will mend their ways,
for what you think an end,is in reality,
a colorful promise,
a new beginning,
taking the wretched world
under your colorful wings!

Brown and furry, you hustle and hurry,
you are hairy and you walk helter-skelter.
Fuzzy and woozy, muzzy and sleazy,
sighing and sobbing, you brood and you ponder.
Away from the world you hide to bury yourself
far from human cruelty,
in a green mausoleum, spinning and yarning
in your lonely dejected corner.

Caterpillar! Be proud; a new day will soon dawn.
When life seems troubled and the night is too long,
when alone in your cocoon
you become abandoned and forlorn;

barely having a room to wag and wiggle,
none around to support if you wobble,
on that day be cheerful
at your excellent craftsmanship,
for you have churned and whirled such rich silk
that the humans are envious of your hardship.

And soon humankind that looked at you in distaste
will stare and adore your vibrant
embroidered flitter-flutter.

So, creeping crawling clumsy caterpillar,
store every heart-ache and save every tear,
there would be a rainbow
after the rain, do not fear.

What a caterpillar could do,
one day, I can achieve that too!
Someday, I would make the world
wonder at my skill and love me anew.
So what if I can't run fastest or swim the sea?
So what if I can't kick a ball or climb a tree?
Let me be myself, just let me be me.
So what if others want to criticize or disagree?
They don’t know what it takes to really be me!

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