Monday, August 23, 2010


I am never alone;
for loneliness is my companion.

Like a little bird he perches on my soul
holding me in his embrace,
devouring my day and night.
During day when I walk in a crowd

he is there in my shadow;
in the night when I lay awake,

he is there in my sleepless hours.
Sometimes he drops in for a chat
and at times, he would just sit beside
quiet and courteous.
he drapes the silence on my walls,
he adorns the voices that hold me captive.
when my hope is frightened,
my desire is smothered,
my longing is slaughtered,
and my dreams are bruised,
my soul screams and flutter in a frantic
caged panic.

my true companion,
never leaves me alone,

he never leaves my side.
Now I wake up wearing the lenses
borrowed from him
and look at the world,
tried and tested, loved and hated
the sounds, smells and reflexes
oddly accepted in a strange resignation
as he keeps holding my hand
forever and always.


bhaskar said...

A deep write,,, was wondering about the word "lonliness".. being alone can be a wonderful thing too. Maybe in "alone ness" we can be in touch with a very sacred space within us. But lonliness can be something where we feel the need to be fullfilled...alonness can be a very different thing than lonliness. A write that made me introspect. Thank you. Explore deeper.

Anonymous said...

Very touching write, stumbled across your blog and am glad i read it.

Regards Anusuya

Celestial Dreamz said...

thank you Anasuya, Bhaskar....

Bhask, yes,you are right .. and I know that I can never beat you when it is about 'deeper thinking' and 'positives' :)