Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Strength ...

Do not accept my silence as my weakness!
Sitting quiet amongst screaming waves
I listen, I grow ….

Among a swarm of masks,
some ice cold and some smoldering,

mine gets disheveled and entangled, yet
I survive ….

I collect the strewn ashes of the canvas

that you burnt last night,

in my palm, nurturing them with my tear drop.
They become a colorful vibrant kaleidoscope and
I continue ….

I have worn a soothing drizzle
a torrential bout of rain.
I have withered a desolate noon
a fire tongued summer,
I await the wild storm of tomorrow, and
I hold on ….

The yesterday that troubled,
my book of errors that tortured,
are all my mentors now, lessons that I nurture.
They made the person behind this smile,

building every layer and texture of my psyche
I learn ….
The pain that once scorched and burnt
is now a glowing amber.

The sand particle that entered
in between
my oyster shell and
tormented my soul once

is now a precious pearl.

Among the inevitable and the constant, I change,
moving far ahead
and likewise
I expand ….

I flow like a wild river and
blow like a passionate storm
accepting life on stride,
peeling off the sweaty and the clammy,

tiptoeing away from every greedy iron clasp,
forcing the scorching Sun to step over,
making room for a beautiful soothing azure dome,
my heart, a magenta balloon,
thrown up into the sky

away from the stench of civilization,
I will, I rise, I defeat.


bhaskar said...

OYEE JHAGDALU>>> koi bewakoof hi hoga jo tumharey silence ko weakness samjhega!!!

* for private viewing only ...dont mind ...thk you ...tada ...:P

Celestial Dreamz said...

a broad and shameless grin for you Bhaskar. :D