Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Dialling Love ....

The ringing, the buzzing, the vibration
are her life line now.
She flies like a ballet dancer

across the room and
reaches for it
like a graceful stork.
Loneliness has become a myth!
His vibrating soft voice reaches
like a liquid bliss,
transporting her in a Utopian existence.

She laughs like wild water,
shaking her curls loose,
the resonating voice is her support,

her strength.

It reverberates and trickles
like molten lava
making her feel
like a precious princess.
It wakes her up
to a bright sunny morning
untangling her sleep trodden limbs
with patience,

echoing hope and a pious pledge.

At the time of setting Sun,

when the golden hue makes her

stare at a far away horizon
his voice whispers love and
she quietly let it seep within

filling her heart with a gentle warm wax
of passion and promise.
At times the voice will talk up a storm
in his candid expressions and
she keeps hearing, amused.

Often her listening
transported into an emotion;

a strange sensation of a tingling joy,
raising goose bumps in her each pore.
At night the soft murmur
more yielding like a sedative,
almost a feather touch,
so fleeting and delicate that

even the dust particles in the air

might have failed to get stirred!

Then it will sing her a lullaby,

his whispering breath tenderly moving aside
the tired tendrils
from her forehead,
singing her eyelids to a soothing rest.

She looks longingly,
touching it affectionately
as it rings,
muttering and mumbling
destroying distance,
putting her soul in a beautiful flower-alley.
His voice, like a tranquil lake

wipes out the fence
amid reality and dream.
She soars higher, connected to the air,
her being into a bright weightless orbit,
reaching for him.

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