Sunday, August 15, 2010

Childhood ...

Childhood is an innocent little girl!
Little girl Childhood

laughs aloud
like a
crinkling jingling passionate
mountain brook.

She splashes and splurges
at every wonder of nature

She is more fearless than the Himalaya,
she is buoyant like a passionate rainfall !
Her eyes shine twinkling sparkling stars,
she has dew drops on her smiling lips,

and jasmine flowers caught
in her unruly hair.

She plucks purity and
wears it on her ears

as shining ear-rings,
honesty is her bangles
that caress her soft hands.

I wanted to hold her

and cajole her to stay forever.

I did not notice time piling up
Her hand slipped from my clasp.

May be I couldn’t hold her
as warm and as tight as I should have!
That moment,
on a gloomy monotonous morning
with a nagging sound of rainfall
in the background
I lost that innocent little girl
named Childhood!

Since then my eyes keep searching
among faces, among names
beyond the never ending ticking
of hours,

to have just one glimpse of
that little girl named Childhood.


bhaskar said...

Beautiful expression. Would have been better had it been more subtle in the first half..." she is fearless,she dosent know how to hate" , " she plucks purity" or " honesty is her bangle" .. could have been put in a more simpler form without stating the obvious.

Second half is very apt as one can feel the pain in the search and how the poet feels when she looks back and remembers,ponders about those days.

Celestial Dreamz said...

Thanks Bhaskar .. would try to re frame certain parts.

bhaskar said...

Much more appealing...your openess to suggestions makes you not just a good poet but also a good human being. Goes without saying that one cant be a poet if one isnt humane enough. Keep it up madame! Loved the write ..more.