Friday, August 20, 2010

Pain ....

Last night
when the silence fell softly
as a mountain mist,
my eyes traveled a distance,
searching for you.
When I saw you,
my dreams were bruised
as your face had
already become a stranger.

Last night
the wind blew
without any rustle or a ruffle.
My sorrow shimmered like fireflies,
a pain that melted drop by drop
like a candle gathering in a mound
underneath my heart.

Last night
the princess was
nowhere to be found

and my fairy tale died
as reality lashed onto it

strangulating its innocence,
chocking it in the fluid darkness.

Last night
I wanted to escape
the four walls of my room;
I pushed and pummeled
at those white washed walls,
groping and searching for an exit;
my nails scraped and scratched
against the paints, frantic;
but there were no doors,
the doors had vanished!


bhaskar said...

WOW !!! This is creativity at its best working... Spellbond !! Great work...

Celestial Dreamz said...

:) you always make me feel so good Bhaskar and I wonder if I deserve this.