Monday, August 16, 2010

Best friend

He is my best friend;
most trustworthy of all!
He is always there,
holding my psyche
in his tight clasp.

If I need him, if I do not,
If I want him, if I do not,

he is just there,
ever present

with his growing naked roots

and entangling secret branches
hovering and collecting
loose ends of my thoughts,
half silhouette, half seen,

knotting up the layers and
of my soul.
When everyone leaves me, he stays,

my most faithful of all,
my best friend,

omnipresent like a prophecy

weaving my day and night,
throbbing and hammering,
he is my best friend,
most reliable of all!


Anonymous said...

Oh! What a friend ! On a lighter vein was wondering its better to have a headache than some "friends" who are a real pain in the.... head :)


Celestial Dreamz said...

^ :)