Thursday, October 25, 2012


I heard the word
when I was 7 years
and at school.
I scrawled it neatly
on the last page
of my school diary.
Teacher saw it
‘Gosh what a rotten girl!’
and my mother was summoned;
I remember her face
red in shame and despair.
Since then,
till date,
the word remains dirty.


The Unknowngnome said...

Yet you are clean and ripe.

Hi Moon! You've been silent for so long. It's good to be reading you again. Missed you.

Mary said...

What a sad experience...
It is what the minds of the ADULTS did with the word that made it 'dirty.' You just wrote the word!

Jack said...

C D,

Sad that instead of letting innocence be what it is, we kill it. Teacher should have said that this word is not for use by children.

Take care

R.Ramakrishnan said...

Unfortunate incident. But this sex word remains a bad word even today in conservative India. At least your teacher called for your mother. These days teachers resort to merciless beating resulting in serious injuries to the child.

Rose said...

Moon, Welcome back - This took me back to when I was small and repeated some really bad words I had heard from a little boy that was walking down the street singing them like a little rhyme. It was very catchy and I loved the rhythm needless to say of course I went around singing them without having any idea whatsoever of the content of his little song nor the meaning of the words. Well I know how shamed you felt as well
I was a dirty mouth little wretch
and I got the hiding of my life and for years I didn't know what I had done that was so awful *chuckles* Very good write and I must say that the word Sex is a word that draws much attention whenever it is used I must say I was quite surprised myself to see the title of your poem my first thought was 'Oh, Wow Moon - go girl' haha forgive the enthusiasm:)

Adura Ojo said...

Hi Moon,

I agree with Mary and Jack. It's about explaining to children that it is an adult word. That way, a child won't be made to feel dirty. They would just know it is not yet right to say the word. Sorry you went through that experience. Adults should really be more careful in not traumatizing children with their own hang-ups.

Dark Knight said...

Unfortunate incident. Glad you bought it to light. The real ugliness is the close-minded morons who shun sex as taboo!

Ygraine said...

It is sad that so many adults have sullied such a beautiful part of life by their distorted perception of it.
Even worse, is the fact that they then passed that distortion on to their children.
It's no wonder so many of us grow up with inhibitions!

So great to have you back.
Really been missing you xx

Dulcina said...

Hi, dear Moon.
Words are not dirty, it's people who sully them in their dirty minds.
Blessed be innocence.
Teachers and parents must explain and never condemn "sex".
Very well written.
A hug.

ashok said...

dirty! in few lines you have said it all...i hope to see change in society in the next generation...

Rose said...

Hello Moon, just dropped by to say I miss you. Take care, hope to see you soon :)

Ygraine said...

I do hope you are ok.
I am missing you too :)

Brian Miller said...

oy how those words stick with us over sad as well as i know for many a kid it is just the same...

good to see you today...we are well...and you?

ayala said...

Sad...have missed you..I hope you are well.

R.Ramakrishnan said...

Hi Baishali
I have some new posts. Pl do log on and leave your comments.
Regards Ram

Rose said...

Wishing you love and happiness Moon, you are always in my thoughts :)