Friday, June 14, 2013

that obstinate headstrong life-force ...

 I wonder how I
constantly tread this hyphenated zone!
If I turn off the light the moths will die
and so will the bats if I turn it on.
Should I spend life searching for an anchor
or shouldn't I just tear off the sails
and let it be?

How good is living
on a handful of yesterday,
an existence
neither real, nor fantasy,
like the alluring horizon
between the Earth and the Sky,
at an arm’s length away,
but ever distant?

Why do I fill my book of poems
with haphazard listless things?
A mail box with drafts, remotes, phones,
a crossword page of an old newspaper,
five odd books, a gift that you had refused to take,
some songs that I listen to endlessly,
a few old snapshots;
all flung heedlessly, uncaring,
here and there;
Just about anything to fill the void
that once has been your side of the story.

even now,
 between the breaths
lurks a stubborn dream
defying all other doubts;
A dream that often morphs into a bird
and take colourful wings
preparing itself for an ambitious flight
to soar higher and paint the sky.

And I throw away my existential despair
like a pair of old, worn out shoes
and I remember to plant a seed, all over again,
and wait for the moss green sapling
to raise its obstinate head!


VaNdAnA ShArMa said...

very nicely depicted the dilemma of life. But I just want to know why "YET" is highlighted?

Celestial Dreamz said...

May be because that's a juncture ... a highlight, that despite all trials and tribulations hope, and a tremendous urge to live life with full fervor exists... thank you for reading dear :-)

mo donika said... reflecting the way many ppl look at it.
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Rose said...

Somewhere in this poem I see a bit of myself and I am often tempted to throw all caution to the wind and tear off the sails:) How I love your writing, always so real, so true to life. Love it dear lady!

ayala said...

A dream that morphs into a bird, I love that. I feel the despair and that the hope. I love this.

Brian Miller said...

How good is living
on a handful of yesterday...not very, though many try...really like that last stanza...the throwing off of the comfortable shoes and seed planted...nice...

Claudia said...

and I remember to plant a seed, all over again.. that's the key for me how you let us follow the trail of your thoughts to land just smooth and even on that perfect place...

Anonymous said...

Yes each day spring anew form the mind of the gardener! Throw those old and worn existential shoes at the nearest conformist and breathe the fresh air! Loved this

Victoria said...

This is so full of thought-provoking nuggets of wisdom and questions. Each stanza deserves time for reflections. Nicely done.

Ygraine said...

I, too, have lived in these words. There have been so many times that I have longed to throw caution to the four winds...and just fly away into the become someone else's memory.
I love how REAL this feels, how your words stir the very depths of my Soul.
Thank you so much for sharing your amazing talent with us.:)

Brian Miller said...

already saw this one, but worth dropping in just to say hi...smiles...hope you are doing well this week...

Mary said...

Wow, depthful writing here. So much to think about. Let the dream live and the seeds sprout! The sapling WILL rise up.

McGuffy Ann said...

Yes, the stuff our lives are filled with...very though provoking and reflective.

Sherry Blue Sky said...

I thought I already commented on this,I know I loved it on first reading and love it again today. I LOVE the idea of that bird soaring and painting the sky.

Brother Ollie said...

hyphenated zone - this image is such a great anchor

Anonymous said...

YET ...!! as of here, has its most Powerful Drive to Live through The Power of Will and The Power of Love..against All Odds.

...The Comeback Power