Friday, April 8, 2016

Green poetry

A few years ago I became a tree.
I suckled mother Earth
my roots growing firm and strong
I grew into branches, my hands became leaves
dancing in freedom
reaching up to the sky.
The cloud peeped into my brown eyes
And fell in love.

  Since yesterday
the soil is loosening around my roots.
The vine that clasped my waist
has fungus.
It’s spreading on to me.
The silence of the soil is bone chilling.
They said, trees have lives, but
No one could hear me when I shouted!
Those conifers or the moss on the wall
No one heard!

 Maybe, if I close my eyes and count till ten
It will all prove to be a bad dream.

Just hoping, you know…


Sherry Blue Sky said...

I can FEEL this tree...........I love the cloud peeping into brown eyes and falling in love.....feel sad for the tree calling and no one hearing.............wonderfully beautiful writing.

Biswajit said...


Anonymous said...

That was written beautifully, I really enjoyed reading that!

Jennifer Wagner said...

Beautiful and heartbreaking. Wonderful writing!