Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I love to talk - 2

Melancholic mind

Today, reality and and emotions are really at loggerheads. Have you ever stood at a cross road where a long-term wish and fancy of your mind seem equally vague and uncertain like the stark reality? There is a peculiar tug of war between my celestial soul and my mortal being. At one hand, I wish to fly and lose myself among the soft cotton clouds yet the next moment I feel this magnetic pull from Earth's crust and wish to come back to be rooted firmly on the ground. Such a peculiar plight! I stand at this point where the road bifurcated into two and I have no idea exactly which way to go because the road commonly taken and the road rarely frequented, both appear sameway weird and hurdles filled! So what would you have done in this case? I trip from one phase of life to the other, from one mood to another, not sure where I am or where I am heading in future. I know what you feel. You think I change my mind every few minutes. You wonder what exactly is running through my head at that moment when I come across most sane and reserve. You don't understand what exactly my problem is! And whenever I see this puzzled expressions I just can't stop this li'l smile creeping up my lips. I know am the craziest. I know am the weirdest. I love being melancholic. I love being a little mad. Because, you see that's so much me .. that's just so much myself!
and now, if I have confused you big time with this crazy chat of mine, then I just love it, man!

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