Friday, December 31, 2010


Her bare back is filled with flies,
with a mud smeared face
she gazes helplessly at the mad frenzy
 of the populace passing by.
Torn pieces of a once-called-gown
is hanging from her bent torso.
A peculiar stench all around; and
a broken bowl in front for alms
is producing occasional tinkling sound
as a coin or two are carelessly tossed into it.
The bright neon light filtering like a downpour
and the posh sky scrapers are looming large over her.
I carefully covered the space with hurried steps,
cautious that my new stiletto shouldn't be too messy;
with an irritable frown and a twitching nose,
murmuring all the while in mind,
the failure of theories of sociology and
economy, reasons and remedies of poverty
and how the politicians are incapable
to drive away these beggars;
my son’s quick glance and a hasty query
as he looked up from his expensive IPOD
‘ couldn't anything be done for them’?
A shiver went down my spine.
I rushed to put a five hundred rupee note in her bowl
hoping that my duty would be fulfilled now;
A pair of pale diseased disbelieving eyes confronted
my so called benevolence with –
“what would I have to do for you in return?
Mind you, I can’t even sell my body, now”

The high flying fluttering national flag
hoisted at the top of a high rise
to welcome the New Year,
drew my attention for a fleeting moment.
I wondered at the word ‘independence’!
The ‘independence’ that was obtained
after so many sacrifices, after so much bloodshed;
Is that piece of tricolor cloth flying proud,
called independence?
Or is it our dignity, our responsibility as well?
I stood all alone, my thoughts
seemed like a tangled knot of old dried blood
among the circus of civilization.


The Unknowngnome said...

"couldn’t anything be done for them"?

So often my thought.

May the new year bring you responsible independence and love unknotted.

Celestial Dreamz said...

thank you TUG :)a happy new year to you too.