Saturday, December 4, 2010

Red Autumn

Two little elves

sat on the tree top

painting the leaves

in bright red tinge.

They took care and toiled

to color every ridge and

tint every tip

with a scarlet rain.

And then the sky blushed,

and the garden air flushed,

they tumbled down

and it was a Fall;

hey! my garden was covered

in a vibrant shawl!

The fallen leaves rustled and whispered

as the two elves tried to hop faster,

bringing forth a mellow pause

and an insight

between a scorching fiery tongue

and a cold winter frost bite;

their cheeks tomato red, they giggled,

they danced, they rolled and they jiggled,

then the cherry leaves murmured

about a new beginning and a future.

Dear Elves, is it because I couldn’t reach you

that you came down to my garden

with all blood and burgundy hue?

May be, like me, you have been lonely too?

Or perhaps, you brought another spring

for every leaf was a colorful flower anew!

Dear little Elves with your tiptoe and tango

You taught me to

smile and let go!


bhaskar said...

Will come back to read it again patiently. Read it quickly at one go...was visualizing this poem finding its ways to the curriculum for senior graders! "Students, Poetic Musings...Chapter 2, page 12..RED AUTUMN by Dr Baishali Bhaumik..."

Loved the flow...would come back soon. Regards

The Unknowngnome said...


Celestial Dreamz said...

Bhask, The Unknowngnome, thank you so much :)

bhaskar said...

Loved it!! :)

Brian Miller said...

this is lovely...there is an element in fun with the elves that is appealing, but also a maturity in the measure of the lines and paint a pretty picture...

Pete Marshall said...

loved the imagery you painted here...great read..cheers pete

Kim Nelson said...

The photo is beautiful and your poem illustrates it perfectly. Mine is short and sweet: