Sunday, May 1, 2011

struggles ...

My soul, 
a frail grain in the sand of time
has died so many times
and is buried underneath;
yet I have taken new birth
rising each time from my grave
sheltering my poor soul
with my armor like body,
defending it
 against struggles and tears.
I have carried on my sturdy shoulder
wounds and labor;
each time my knees wobble and collapse
I stand back again,
defying laws;
I have given my soul to wear
 a body,
scorched in summer,
with blemishes and scars.

only because 
my body has traversed 
the burning noon
it renders
 my soul
 some shade,
some solace.

written for One Stop Poetry Sunday Picture Prompt 


kez said...

definitely makes you think thank you

Glynn said...

You captured me with that first line. Beautiful interpretation of the photo.

Claudia said...

i like that you describe the soul as..a frail grain in the sand of can die easily if we're not careful..

(from over here, the pic doesn't show up..)

ayala said...

Beautiful !

repressedsoul said...

First visit here and I am blown away. A grain of sand never dies but is reborn with each new days to start a new journey. Fantastic concept.
Thanks for sharing

dustus said...

As Glynn stated, I too really like the opening. Sounds like direct address at first, effective. There's a beautiful sound quality to your poem, a winsome flow. Lovely work.

Brian Miller said...

nice. we had some similar thoughts...lovely spun...keep getting back up....

Penny said...

Fascinating. Something new found each time I read it.

John (@bookdreamer) said...

Exploration, that to live we must die many times

Reflections said...

touching piece, heartfelt depth... beautifully done.

Steve Isaak said...

Nailed the spirit of the picture, good stuff.

Rose said...

Beautiful :)

Celestial Dreamz said...

thank you everyone :)