Wednesday, July 27, 2011

being a stranger...

for all those who have become a stranger to their own selves in the name of compromises, adjustments; for being polite, for not to hurt others ... it is important to know, recognise and remain true to ones own identity ...

Falsities came
unchecked, unescorted,
like a silhouette, tiptoeing as a winter sunray that
manages its way through narrow slits of the branches.
Walking along with him, across seasons, covering hours and minutes,
I lost Truth, on my journey, at that unsuspecting bent of the zigzagged road.

Gently disintegrate me.
Removing all the layers-
blue, crimson and green,
get to the core.
And you would know
how I have worn a fake, forged face
all along.

All those dreams that were left unattended;
all that I hoped but never lived;
all those meaningless smiles that I carefully tucked;
all those half hearted promises that I never kept;
all those sobs that hid behind well groomed eye brows;
all those fears that were pushed beneath an uplifted chin;
for all of them, and the pretensions,
and for you
I have been a fake.


Brian Miller said...

to me this is really have to live life as a fake...losing your own identity in the process..

Rachit said...

somewhere down the line I started living for others, making compromises and yelling at life. But wasn't that my own decision.

Weakest LINK

Luke Prater said...

excellent use of repetition as device and also the colours you inject with skill into the Narrative. Nice piece

Heaven said...

It is a challenge to be true to oneself; we are full of comprises, I agree.

Thanks for sharing this ~

ayala said...

Strong and beautiful. So important to be true to oneself.

The Unknowngnome said...

We are all fake. We all fall short. We all fall down but some truly smile.

This poem leaves me sad if what you have written is true. Even if it is false though you have done what a poet should do, to make one feel.

Thank you for sharing the link to dVersePoets.

Andy said...

So sad that we cannot all be true to ourselves. We all wear masks of one sort or other. It is impossible to be perfect in an imperfect world.

Nicely done, Baishali!

I'm here:
On This Orange-Hued Day

Poetry & Icecream said...

You've expressed well what many of us feel. The older I get though, the more I live for myself. It comes with age for some. Beautifully written :)

Jingle said...

true, sad, and beautiful.

everything is a challenge,
keep a balance, win by confidence.

Happy Rally.
Thanks for sharing.

Marbles in My Pocket said...

Wonderful poem! Very emotion filled and wrenching. Tears at the heart.

Rose said...

Beautifully written. as per usual dear lady you touch on a subject that is so very real, and this way of life is not a choice as many may choose to believe but a sad reality :)

Jack said...

C D,

Visiting after some time and read 3 posts. Left comments on previous two also. This one is an absolute advice. One should never let go of own principles to please others. It may be a need to adjust and compromise but not for becoming a doormat. One has to do what conscience allows and if it says no then it is NO. That is what lacks in many of our respected politicians.

Take care

jennifaye said...

so sad and painful...being fake for someone, hiding and basking in pretension. beautiful poem nonetheless. :)

Elaine Danforth said...

Moonlight and Dreamz--

If one of your dreams is writing, it looks to me as though at least that dream is being realized in a very full way.

You speak of being a fake. Well, we all have our different faces we show to different people, I think, but I would like to offer a line from one of my own poems, since you seem to write so beautifully, with ease and sureness:
"The ease and sureness
that it takes
to get to ease and sureness
will admit no fakes."
With your ease and sureness, I do not think you are a fake.

Genuinely nice work.

Brian Miller said...

good to see you today...hope you are well...

Celestial Dreamz said...

@ all - thank you

Melle said...

very real and immediate. If poetry truly is cutting open a vein and bleeding onto the paper, then you have succeeded with this piece.

Thrive With RA said...

Very moving. Forelorn yet accepting. Thank you for sharing your writing gift.

mindlovemisery said...

Wow incredible writing, honest, poignant

Jack said...

C D,

Very true. We do become strangers to ourselves compromising for the sake of peace without realising that in the bargain we lose our true self.

Take care