Tuesday, December 20, 2011

living life ...

Sit gingerly
with one foot placed firmly
over the base of the blade.
Hold the fish and scrape it out
De scaling it
swinging it deftly right and left.
press the chicken down with one hand,
hold the sickle shaped knife in another
in an artistic angle, and
bring it down ingeniously to make a slit
almost in a dance like perfection.

They don’t retaliate
Or perhaps they can’t;
tolerance is a very holy concept.

Feel the perfect line and
end their head from the body.
Struggling for breath
spitting black blood
those staring eyes and gaped open mouth
casually lain beside.

Bring out all those internal bloody chaos
through that dark hole.

Now with lot of love
and patience,
with fingers soft and skilled,
clean them 
 cut them
into careful sized pieces,
so that no bones or thorns
bother you later.


The Unknowngnome said...

You swing an artful pen here my dear! A vicious and precise insight. I like this bit of the dark side.

Pat Hatt said...

A little bit of delving into the dark, don't want to get poked by any of those sharp things..haha..nicely done!

Brian Miller said...

dang...intense...viceral desciptions...i dont know...i struggle with tolerance...it seems so far from love for me...you know...

Laurie Kolp said...

Very nice and vivid...

Ed Pilolla said...

i love it. you boldly take on the most accepted of rituals. meat-based societies have problems vegetarian societies do not. good and viceral for sure.

Claudia said...

live and let live has always been my motto.. vivid and raw descriptions here...gave me shivers

ayala said...

Intense descriptions,a great write my friend.

hedgewitch said...

I've often felt if more people had to kill, clean and prepare their own food, there would be a lot more vegetarians. It takes some true callousness to revel in being at the top of the food chain. Very well written.

Rose said...

I love the way you write of the bloody slaying and then suddenly in the last verse you write 'now with lots of love and patience, with fingers soft and skilled ...' Beautifully crafted dear lady :D

Mary said...

Strong, visceral. Real life isn't always pretty! Your poem says it as it is!

Kim Nelson said...

This entranced me. As an avid cook who understands the sacred relationship between food sources and our sustenance, this felt like an homage to those creatures. I also wonder if you feel, as I do, that many of the homemaking tasks can actually be elements of the sacred, the prayerful, the dedicated.

Victoria said...

Your imagery is precise and striking. I read this realistically and metaphorically and it just zings. Couldn't help but wonder if the doctor part of your name is a surgeon. :0)

A guilty conscience said...

what a coincidence.... that your poem is exactly replicating essence of my latest post "Autobiography of a Chicken"....I was just clicking next blog button and came to yours ......loved the poem.

jany said...

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Sheila Moore said...

wow, what a great metaphor. My fav line includes this one: tolerance is a very holy concept. so true.

Ygraine said...

I love the way you begin with the callous, bloodied details and then finish up with a gentle, almost reverential tenderness.

I feel so sad for those poor creatures below us on the food chain :(

Dulcina said...

A very precise disection of life mirrored in the slaughter of a poor chicken.
A pen - nowadays a keyboard - is the poet's knife and you have used it here as a skilful butcher.
My favourite words:
-so that no bones or thorns
bother you later.

Yes, we usually get rid of things which can hurt or make us choke, without compassion, in a cruel way; what a smart and subtle symbolism in your words!
That's the excuse some "humans" give to kill/destroy those who don't have their same ideas, colour,religious beliefs or even the same sex.
-They don’t retaliate
Or perhaps they can’t;
tolerance is a very holy concept.

Dear, may the Lord bless you and your dear ones at Christmas and throughout the coming year.

Sherry Blue Sky said...

ooh, this made me re-think the fish in my freezer. Poor babies! So well written!

tolbert said...

"Now with lot of love
and patience,
with fingers soft and skilled,
clean them
cut them
into careful sized pieces,
so that no bones or thorns
bother you later."

Somehow you have taken the craft at hand and caused my mind to drift from the kitchen. Your artistry and usage of perfect imagery dovetail to make exquisite poetry!

Ostensible Truth said...

ouch! this is a powerfully artistic write - great descriptions throughout, and intense! nice writing

Celestial Dreamz said...

thank you very much everyone. :)