Friday, January 20, 2012

When your father comes...

When your father comes

he will help you out with your exams
he will fix up your bi cycle tyre
he will tell you all the amazing stories of the world
he will talk to that neighbour who misbehaved
he will see the grocery seller who's charging us more
he will put things in the right place
he will make everything alright

when your father comes ...
if your father comes things would be just fine.

courtesy - google images


Rachit said...

father comes and will bring in more joy :)

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Mary said...

Yes IF is the operative word! This poem seems to speak in the voice of way too many children. Strong writing.

Rose said...

although this piece is about the father who will help, fix, tell, talk,see, put and make everthing alright the image in my mind is diverted to the mother and child - especially the mother who has the task of telling the child 'if' and all children ask 'why' and so you have created a great sadness which on first reading seems light and ordinary almost until you hit us with the last two lines! Brilliant:D

ayala said...

So many children wait for that moment only to realize it's not coming...sad and lovely,my dear.

R.Ramakrishnan said...

Beautifully expressed. Yes I have done all that when my kids were growing up & I still do all that even after the kids grew up :)
Have a splendid Sunday.

Ygraine said...

How poignant!
This makes me miss my own Father so very much.
He was my rock, my protector, my best friend.
Thank you so much for reviving such happy memories in my heart :)

Dulcina said...

Yes, fathers are their little daughters' heros, saviours, angels, supermen...
I have enjoyed your tender words with a bit of nostalgy, thanks!

Cynthia said...

I know so many little tots who
have gone to sleep dreaming these
words. Poignant writing.

Umesh Rao said...

Nicely written.
Father will come
With him he will bring all joys
And erase all sorrow!

Brian Miller said... the shift from when to if in that last line...and it opens up why the father is not here now...great stuff

hedgewitch said...

Wistful and says a lot more in what is left unsaid than what is said.

Jack said...

C D,

Read 3 poems now. River was so well compared to life. Was lost in thoughts with previous one. Please do not worry, you have many of us who look forward to your poems. This one shows how a simple chore is a hurdle for want of father.

Take care

ashok said...

so true...I daughter will gladly agree :)