Sunday, July 1, 2012


I do not remember clearly;

was it Belgium or Srilanka?

Or maybe Himanchal

Or else in my dream

I saw Buddha

sitting in a giant wooden structure

like an altar, perhaps,

with a make belief tree branching out behind,

eyes peaceful

but a mourning in the incline of the lips.

The knees are blackened

by the candles lit by devotees,

a piece of stone had broken near the palm

and nails hammered on his elbow for some repair work;

the feet chapped and scratched

maybe while cleaning

or by some naughty children.

He almost looked like Jesus Christ;

and the branches behind Him

reminded me of the hands of Lord Shiva.


ashok said...

wonderful...leaving it without a title is apt!

The Unknowngnome said...

Well written remembrance.

I learn something new almost every time I read your posts. Today you've taught me about Himanchal. What a beautiful place!

Jack said...

C D,

Nice to see you back after a break. Your dream conveys so well that though we worship, do not take proper care of image of who we worship and also God is one whom we may see in different forms.

Take care

Ygraine said...

Could it be that all the great Prophets are in reality just the many different faces of our Creator?
And could the damage to your dream Buddha symbolise the suffering we have inflicted upon Him?

This feels like a genuinely Sacred dream :)

Rose said...

Perfect imagery Moon - Three dieties brilliantly written. First I saw the destruction and mourning and then I saw 'new life'. If it was a dream it could be that a new cycle is predicted for you in your life.
Hugs, I wish you all the best dear lady:)

Dark Knight said...

Very interesting, unusual poem. It touches on similarities on religion and how we're all ultimately the same under God.

Claudia said...

Belgium or Srilanka?..ha nice..i like that you start with an unclear location and then move from there..fascinating what we can see if we take a closer look

Brian Miller said...

nice...i love the blend of spirits you have in this...and how alike or together many of them can seem even when we try to keep them apart....

ayala said...

Wonderful write dear friend. I hope you are well.

R.Ramakrishnan said...

Beautifully penned your thoughts. Buddha is omnipresent everywhere except the land of his birth which has virtually shunned him.
Have a great Sunday !

Luke Prater said...

what a lovely poem. Not too long, not too short, and nicely ethereal, spiritual without getting lost in the clouds. Very nice

Dulcina said...

Wonderful dream, Moon, full of meaning. God is always the same but with different names in different religions.
Wood, nails, tree ..., yes, like Jesus Christ, and the branches the hands of Lord Shiva.
In my poem "Slaves of Ourselves" I wrote:

...Buddah, Allah and Jehovah have a secret meeting
to decide who will throw the dice today.
One tree, two towers, three thrones.

A hug, dear, and have a good day.

Mary said...

I can't add much to the wonderful comments that were made earlier; but will say that I am hoping, really hoping, that there are just many forms of the same ONE God. Your poem so well expresses this dream!

Ash Sharma said...

Beautifully penned poem portraying,its the single divine force whom we worship in different forms irrespective of locations..:-)

Sherry Blue Sky said...

I can see this so clearly through your words, and it makes me peaceful to read them.........very lovely write.

Chèvrefeuille said...

Awesome read. Wonderful story about Buddha's statue.

mysinsations said...

Beautiful. I love the comparison of religions here. Different views, but same love!

Dulcina said...

I miss you writing, Moon.
Everything ok with you?
I will keep coming.
A hug.