Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Musings ...

Last night the rain came. 
Tip tapping. 
All it wanted was to whisper a song into my ears.
 All it wanted was to die in my arms, singing. 

... and I was busy reaching out for my umbrella, 
adjusting my window panes, 
securing the bolts!


If only I could come out of life alive
I would have brewed it one more time 
like my strong black coffee
slightly bitter, as fate,
a little grey, as those discarded days.
But this time I would have remembered
to put a dash of sugar,
this time I would have learnt
 to sip it at leisure.
If only …….


ayala said...

Regret and sadness...I missed reading your words. I hope you are well dear lady.

ashok said...

beautiful...do write more often

Ygraine said...

The palpable sense of regret and longing is truly heart-rending.
So, so beautiful.
I have missed your words so much :(

The Unknowngnome said...

Oh how I've missed your words!

These words run much deeper than mere musings, I think you have learned to sip the tip tapping at leisure for your brooding has whispered a sweet song.

Rose said...

Oh wow, how I have missed you and your writing - you capture human nature so wonderfully. Thank you dear lady :)

Jack said...

C D,

It is so sad that most of the times we can not do what our heart wishes to. This is told so well in these short musings.

Take care

Dark Knight said...

wow, the way you captured regret and the metaphors and similes you used were so apt.

I really missed your writing... good to see you back!

gautami tripathy said...

Regret and longing go hand in hand...

swirl it round and round

Sherry Blue Sky said...

OH! MY! GOD! This is incredibly, deeply, wonderful. If only indeed.....more sugar, more cackles, more fun........however, we CAN do more of that now, and believe me, not an hour goes by without a cackle for me these days:) LOVE this poem!!!!

ayala said...

Love it all over again.

Poet Laundry said...

Beautiful reflection with a lilt of melancholy. I enjoyed this read, very nice.