Sunday, January 13, 2013


The dreaming desires of life
I am looking for you again
after very many years
in the same old places;
and I have found you
... same old desires of life,
life’s dancing delight,
dancing around
a day
a night
like a butterfly
my indigo blue butterfly
flutter by
float and fly ….

And then
I let go of you
like the sand off my fist
like the stars in the dawn
like a dream in the morning wakefulness
I let go of you.


Brian Miller said...

often the letting go is the greatest love we have...and the hardest as well....

is that your tat? very nice.

Celestial Dreamz said...

Hi Brian ... so good to see you ... wish you and family a happy new year ..... and no that's an image downloaded from google; it just matched with my wishes to have such an attractive back shoulder :D

Green Speck said...

Waking up from dreams can be tough ... but we get used to it ... you have a beautiful blog :-)

ayala said...

Letting go is not always easy...I have missed you and your beautiful words. Happy New Year!

Brian Miller said...

: )

R.Ramakrishnan said...

Splendid & beautiful poem perhaps representing your joyous mood. Happy Pongal & Sankranti.

Ygraine said...

Isn't letting go always the hardest part?!
Yet, it is often the greatest declaration of love that we can give...
Beautiful poem. I love it :)

Rose said...

This is so beautiful Moon like a butterfly desire is reborn again and again more beautiful with each rebirth you have to let it go to complete the cycle :) A superb poem like a dream in the morning wakefulness :)

Fred Rutherford said...

nicely said. Really effective choices of metaphors in here. Great write. Thanks

Jack said...

C D,

Feeling desires and letting go for happiness to feel those again told so beautifully.

Take care

The Unknowngnome said...

Ah, but that desire embraced in that remembering is the indigo we undergo when we flutter by, float and fly and flirt.

Until the next dreaming I will wait you.