Sunday, March 2, 2014

E-mails ...

And she thought she won’t be able to live without you!

But strange is this thing habit!

Now she has this ashtray full of burnt words

that she uses in her mails

in her poems.

By now

She has made love to emoticons far too many times

She has fallen in love with them far too often!

Now instead of lying her head against your chest

She writes metaphors,

sends letters into the space

Earlier, she thought she has lost you

and she got scared out of her wits! 

So quickly


 she was trying to hide you

among those rhyming images,

which is almost the same

For isn't hiding about losing

from the vision?

Hope she realizes soon

that all she is left with

are her poems and those smileys

the horoscope of her tousled yearning …



Brian Miller said...

i dunno, if i still have my poems...i might be ok...if i start putting stock in those emoticons...please put me out of my misery...smiles...not a fan of meaningless accolade...

Sherry Blue Sky said...

"the horoscope of her tousled yearning......" what a great line that is. I also like the ashtray full of burnt words.

Sumana Roy said...

the yearning becomes deep almost tangible.....the closing line is spot on...

Ygraine said...

Much safer...hiding emotions in poems.
Yes...lonely hiding in the spaces between words, but ultimately safer! *smiles*

M.Z said...

I really feel this poem when i read it...Read it through a few times now just for the sake of it! Love it very much!

The Unknowngnome said...

:) :P :D

deeps said...

all emotions and metaphors...
just wondering where did moon disappear ;)

Dark Knight said...

Nice to see a poem about poems and emoticons. Hmmm... is this autobiographical, perhaps?! ;-)

Rose said...

You are so creative Moon! I love your work, you amaze me so with each piece you write :) Really well done dear lady!