Sunday, March 16, 2014

I am ...

Dear One, you are so weary!
There are creases on your otherwise firm eyebrows.
Come, gaze into my eyes
I might be the woman you want to look at.
But dear One, wait! Before you think
I am the woman with whom you want to be, and
before you want to drown yourself
into the depth of my eyes,
Realize, I am no metaphor, nor a muse,
neither a promise;
Look at my hands, a bit soiled and
 the tired lines below my eyes;
find the bruises and the blisters on my feet,
my smile, inside which you want to hide your trouble
 is not a poem, not a sonnet
but a courage that tells the world to bring on the grunge!
I might be the woman you want to touch
dear One,
but understand, I am neither a prize nor a grub,
not even an apology, not your excuse;
recognize that you make love to the
skin and bones that might have dirt on it. 
You make love to hair, nerves, veins, sweat and tears.
If I am who you wish to love, dear One,
Let me be human just as you,
share my best and the worst
take every single line of my sunshine and my eclipse
Let me create a universe for myself, for you, for all
Let me build the world as I wish to.
Don’t forget that
I am born to create, to build.
And then, 
if the walls crush down
or the sky grumbles, hold my hand
I promise I will never let go!


Brian Miller said...

that commitment is a beautiful thing...i was born to create as well..and while i may not be beautiful, i am...what i am...and there is much to be said of that...smiles.

i am is recovering from his heart attack...i am swamped in work and grad school...more snow coming today...its life...smiles.

Sherry Blue Sky said...

This is a fantastic poem, Moon......a plea to be loved as human and real - completely - I especially love "take every single line of my sunshine and my eclipse". What a fantastic line!!!!!!

R.K. Garon said...

Wonderful piece. Bravo!

Anand S Unni said...

This is a prized work. I completely fell in love with the emotional aspect of this poem. Exquisite writing. And I believe a lot went into it as well. Keep it going. Nice meeting you!

Mary said...

Ah, one who creates is beautiful, I think, in the most important of ways...... which do not depend on outward beauty.

scotthastiepoet said...

Very Tender and beautiful - I enjoyed this very much and the sense of your soul it conveyed... Lovely, open hearted and honest writing - it touched me... Thank you... With Best Wishes Scott

deeps said...

No more words and verses drawn on an empty canvas from scattered imagination…
There surely is fair amount of reflection as if looking at a mirror…

The Unknowngnome said...

Oh Aldonza!

Ramakrishnan Ramanathan said...

Baishali this is one of your most incredible,beautiful,charming poems ever ! Yes I do want to keep gazing into your exquisite eyes :) Best Wishes Ram

Rose said...

A very touching piece Moon! So full of soul I love the simplicity of it 'let me be human just as you'
This to me is the most powerful phrase - sometimes that is all a woman wants - A delight to read as usual dear Moon xxx

Brian Miller said...

heya....caught this one last week but i wanted to say hi...

hope your week have been a good one...

Claudia said...

i love this... when we love someone we always get a whole person with dreams, emotions, veins, nerves and we must allow them be free to develop and create... that's what love does...

ayala said...

Yes..we must be seen as we are and that is the truest form of love.

Akila G said...

a commitment not to let go and rightfully fufilled when accepted as we are. quite often not and quote often yes, true!

hyperCRYPTICal said...

A beautiful heartfelt write.
Anna :o]

Rosemary Nissen-Wade said...