Saturday, December 5, 2015

I don't remember since when or why I have stopped coming here! Is it because I stopped being sad? Have I eventually learnt to be happy? 

And, the fact that I am here again, is making me wonder! 

Sadness is coming back. 

Sadness is a white hibiscus growing on my roof. It lures me to colour outside the boundaries. It makes me pour gray smudges all over the sketches. 

The letters I write to you, turn me into a new ghost. 

I make you my new lie.

A longing to smell like the warm rain, all over again ... 


Sherry Blue Sky said...

Your writing is so beautiful, and it is a pleasure to read it. Am so happy you posted this..........glad you worked your way through to deserve much joy. Thanks for this beautiful poem.

ayala said...

I wish your sadness never stays and laughter and love fill your days.

deeps said...

thats after a really long let it go on

Rose said...

Dearest Moon how fabulous to read you again! You 'colour outside the boundaries' beautifully and I so admire your sketches of gray smudges :)
Outstanding post Moon, I also long to 'smell like the warm rain all over again'
I so get the feeling, hugs dear lady :) xxx