Sunday, December 13, 2015

the tree had stored my words for ages
the sound of my words were lost in those green borders

today I could hear them clearly
those words
whom I lost
those words
they are back
I could hear them clearly

they are all around me like fallen orange leaves

now the trees are lonely
without my words
they are murmuring black stories

collecting my words
I shall escape from the garden
your roots have settled in deep
you can't follow me anymore...


Rose said...

A wonderful creation Moon. Images came to mind of a poet dreaming in a garden in
summer, in love, baring her heart to the trees, the 'words lost in those green borders' words that were never meant to be heard.
Your last stanza is so hauntingly beautiful, a masterpiece Moon! :) so glad you're
back :)

deeps said...

the power of words

Vandana Sharma said...

Amazing and the fruits on those trees is this beautiful poem